Pot Grab 'Snuffling Along' Hedgehog

Pot Grab 'Snuffling Along' Hedgehog

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These pretty pot grabs are made from 100% cotton and are perfect for adding a touch of nature into your home as well as a lovely gift idea. 

This Hedgehog print is part of our Snuffling Along Hedgehog collection and is an original design made from a lino cut print with a grey hedgehog and paired with a red leaf.

The pot grabs are 21cm x 24cm and 100% cotton with a thermal inner lining to protect your hands from the heat of a hot pan or dish. There is a handy hanging loop  on the right  hand corner. 


Hand sewn pot grab

100% cotton 

21cm x 24cm 

Designed and printed in England

Hanging loop

Part of the 'Snuffling Along' Hedgehog collection